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Two weeks ago, St. Edward’s University announced that it was cutting 6 of its athletics programs:

Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Golf, Men’s Soccer, and Cheer. In the first week of this news, the St. Edward’s community rallied together and our petition to bring back the programs was signed nearly 20,000 times. Your support gave us a foot in the door—earlier this week, the VP of Student Affairs announced that fundraising plans for each program were in place to bring back each individual sport.

Now, we have a chance to bring back the dreams that were taken away from us. Every pledge, even if it’s a $100 commitment, helps bring us closer to our first goal of $300,000. It’s up to you to help us save the programs. 

Our Goal

Receive 300,000 in pledges to prove to the University and SEU athletics department that these six programs are here to stay.

Why These 6 Programs?

The University refused to say what it was positioned to save by cutting these programs, and the administration cited COVID-19 as the reason why these decisions were made abruptly and without transparency or communication. Rather than find solutions, they chose to cut our programs. Reaching this pledge goal will hold them publicly accountable.

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